Congratulations to Conservative Grassroots, it’s fantastic that this initiative has been launched and I’m fully behind an initiative that brings in and strengthens our grassroots as a Party”

Douglas Carswell MP

There is a very clear message from the Conservative Party at large to its leadership – that the status quo is not how we want to do things. It is very important for the future of the Party that that message is heard and understood.”

Cllr. Ben Harris-Quinney, Director of Conservative GrassRoots & Chairman of The Bow Group

As a Conservative Party member of over 20 years, it’s the Conservative Grassroots that provide the campaigning force, the ideas and the enthusiasm, and we must reconnect before the general election in 2015.”
John Glenn MP

After 13 years of Labour Government I campaigned hard for the change that this country badly needed, what we have seen since is more of the same, the leadership of the Conservative Party need to deliver that change before it’s too late.”

Cllr. Ben Balliger LLB (Hons)

Like many Conservatives, I want to see real Conservative principles and philosophies from my leaders. If the Conservative Party doesn’t listen to its members and core support then we are not representing those who vote for us and we will struggle at the ballot box.”

Cllr. Miles Windsor

We Have a real problem in the Party where the leadership seems to be disconnected from the grassroots.. It’s an urgent requirement that the Party reconnects, that the leadership, the back -benchers and members in the country are all united together, and I think the leadership needs to act quickly to solve this problem”
Peter Bone MP

The grassroots of the Conservative Party are disenfranchised and I don’t believe that will help the Party in the long term at all. This is why I’m supporting the Conservative Grassroots movement.”

Sam Kasumu, Former Advisor to No.10 Downing Street & Founder of Elevation Networks

These are the people that are the Conservative Party, and we’ve got to listen to what they have to say, if we don’t… watch out!”

Colonel Bob Stewart MP

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